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Anchor Associates is committed to helping owners sell their properties by offering effective, attractive, and insightful exposure to the vast buyers' market that characterizes real estate in New York City. Whether you're selling a property in a condo, co-op, condop, brownstone, townhouse, or an entire building, Anchor Associates is committed to working with you to value and then sell your property appropriately. To this end, our associates offer a complementary market analysis to prospective sellers. This analysis will give you an objective sense of what your property is worth on the current market, and will help you set your expectations as to what you can receive upon sale.

New York City is often considered a seller's market, and that's certainly true. The demand for NYC real estate is strong and unwavering. However, sellers can also face particular challenges, as typically the only aspect of the property within their control is the apartment being sold. The neighborhood, condition of the building, and the cleanliness and attractiveness of its surroundings, as well as local amenities, are usually not in the control of the seller, and can either enhance or detract from the buyer's interest. However, the seller has an amazing opportunity to focus the buyer's attention on the apartment itself. To that end, Anchor Associates offers the following tips for improving the sale potential of your property.

Here are some ideas that will help enhance your apartment:

  • It can be challenging for us to see our own apartment or property objectively or clearly. You may want to ask a trusted friend who can offer constructive criticism to do a walk-through with you. What are the positive features that draw his or her attention and could be powerful selling points? And more importantly, what are the features that might turn him or her off as a buyer? What are little details that you might not notice that could use repair, sprucing up, or removal in order to enhance the profile of your property?
  • Move through your property logically. Start with the outside of the building. Although little outside the apartment is within your control, consider such issues as trash collection, entryway obstructions, condition of stairs and doors, etc. What is the first impression of your building? Is there anything you can do to improve that impression? Is your apartment clearly marked? It will be hard to sell your apartment if the buyer and his or her agent cannot even find it.
  • Now consider your apartment itself. Start with the door and entrance. Is the door clean? Do the locks and handle work properly and easily? Are they squeak-free?
  • Is the apartment inviting? You may want to consider moving a key object such as an antique or a piece of artwork into the entryway to establish a certain tone for the prospective buyer. Again, consider what impression you'd like to leave on the mind and memory of the buyer.
  • Are the walls clean or are they scuffed or blemished? You may want to consider touching up the paint. This will enhance the brightness and sense of cleanliness.
  • To the same end, check light fixtures and ensure they are working properly. Are they mounted carefully and are they sturdy? Is the lighting you've selected the most appropriate and attractive for your property? Minor changes to lighting can make major differences in the sale of your property.
  • Similarly, clean all windows and mirrors. These enhance the light and also give a sense of cleanliness.
  • Examine your floors. Are wood floors scratch-free? Are rugs clean? Are any touch-ups needed?
  • Check bathroom and kitchen fixtures and appliances. These are of critical interest to the buyer and can make or break a sale. Are any fixtures leaking? Are all appliances working?
  • Finally, scent and sound can have a tremendous positive (or negative!) impact on the potential buyer. You can do a great deal to control these two factors and influence the buyer in your favor. Quiet, calm music sets a peaceful and welcoming tone, while certain scents establish a sense of home. You may want to consider using scents such as lemon, vanilla, or cinnamon, or the use of fresh flowers, to enhance these aspects of your property.
  • Once you have made the requisite touch-ups, ask your friend to perform another walk-through and re-evaluate the property. You are likely to learn that with very little effort you have done a remarkable amount to improve the sale potential for your property!


30 Park Place
3 Bedroom Apartment in Tribeca



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30 Park Place 50D Rare Highest Floor Duplex
Size: 3 Beds, 3.5 Baths
Elevator, Health Club
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242 E 87 Street
1 Bedroom Coop in Upper East Side

Upper East Side


Type: Coop
Oversized 1BR COOP in the heart of the UES
Size: 1 Bed, 1 Bath
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47-34 11th Street
2 Bedroom Condo in Long Island City

Long Island City


Type: Condo
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Size: 2 Beds, 2 Baths
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