Agent Testimonials for Ben Willig

Ben was recommended to us by several friends whom he had previously represented. It was immediately clear to us why he was such a hit. When we first spoke over the phone, he gave my wife and me (both first-time homebuyers) a comprehensive overview of what to expect in the home purchase process, which proved to be both accurate and invaluable. We were initially thinking about purchasing in Manhattan, and had a pretty good idea as to what we wanted in our first home, but weren''t quite sure which neighborhood we wanted to be in. Ben tailored our first outing accordingly, with an itinerary of homes that fit our requirements in various neighborhoods, and explaining nuances such as renovation/rental potential as well as expected negotiating position. We had hit around 7-8 different neighborhoods that first day, and the experience was quite positive and informative in large part due to the efficacy of the schedule and the sunny disposition of Ben''s team. When we ultimately decided to look for a place in Brooklyn, Ben seamlessly brought in his Brooklyn expert, Will Hudson, who brought the same level of knowledge and care as Ben as we explored the new neighborhoods. When we ultimately decided on a place, Ben guided us through the bidding strategy. While the fact that we were in a bidding war was less than optimal, Ben was fully transparent about the process and prospects, and provided frequent updates and on-point advice that reflected our needs. Once we were locked in, Ben got us in touch with a great mortgage banker and a lawyer, and was able to negotiate essentially all of our significant requests in our favor. While Will remained our day-to-day contact (and kudos to him for a superb job), it was clear that Ben was keeping close watch over the deal to make sure that everything was going through properly. It''s also worth mentioning that Ben''s team was very smooth in handling the administrative aspects of the deal, requesting documents in as few e-mails as possible and carefully reviewing applications prior to submission - not highly visible, but a very important aspect of the process. Ben''s advice extended beyond home purchase - he had all sorts of useful contacts, from renovation to cleaning. We took some of his referrals and all turned out great. By this point it should be very clear that I highly recommend Ben and his team - I just hope that you don''t hire him to be your agent if you''re looking to purchase our place!

- KCho 1/29/19,   January 29, 2019
Ben was really easy to work with and very responsive. He had great resources to help with the whole process. Buying property in NYC is a unique process and he was great the whole way through!! Really happy I used him as my agent.

- Alan W. 9/14/18,   September 14, 2018
Ben and his team are wonderful to work with! He got us appointments to see all of the units that we wanted very quickly and had an offer in and accepted within a week! He is very honest and we trusted his opinion. Ben and his team made the co-op approval process a breeze and we feel so lucky to have found our dream home!

- Lindsey B. 1/14/18,   January 29, 2018
Excellent service and ability to manage many counterparties. Bens attention to detail and responsiveness was second to none. I offer him my highest recommendation.

- Eric W. 1/26/2018,   January 29, 2018
Ben and colleague Nick were exceptional from the beginning of our association. We used them to sublet our apartment for 2016 and that flawless process made our decision to have them sell the apartment a "no brainer". In both instances, they held open houses consistently, always once a week and many times twice a week, as well as followed up with those who viewed the apartment. They also did much more than any other realtors in CT and NYC ever did for us - from setting up stagers, cleaning service when needed, and contractor to paint and ready the apartment for the market. When Ben showed up on a Sunday afternoon for an open house, a pipe had burst in the bedroom heater. He quickly contacted me and the super, held the open house, and stayed until early in the evening until the plumber had come and gone. Then he arranged to get the contractor back to deal with the water damage! Cannot recommend Anchor Knights more highly.

- Cindy B. 8.21.17 Zillow,com,   August 30, 2017
Ben was a great realtor. He took my wife and I around to several listings over the course of a few weekends. Once he had a sense of the type of place we were looking for, he took no time in finding us our apartment. He also was an expert in navigating the coop board interview and approval process. He and his team made first-time home ownership as seamless as could be expected and I would recommend him to anyone.

- Ted B. 4/25/17,   May 02, 2017
Best realtor I have ever had (this is my 7th real estate deal). Full service one-stop shop. A friend and a professional at the same time. Great positive attitude and composure under stress.

- Gianni P. 1/18/17,   March 10, 2017
We just bought the apartment of our dreams with Ben Willig! At the beginning my younger daughter showed interest in an apt on Trulia and He immediately answered back. While I was in Italy visiting my family Ben showed the apt. to my husband and our 2 daughters. At that time - January 2016 - we started looking at the market : we had been living in the city for 2 years in a rental apt and wanted to buy our own place. That first apt didn't fill our requirements but it was the first contact between Ben and my family. He understood perfectly what we had in mind and showed us just what we could like. During the process he was never pushy and always gave us great advices. Finally, after a few months, we found the perfect place. Then he showed us GREAT negotiating skills! Even after we made our closing Ben is always there to help me to solve little problems I may have regarding the move in etc. Ben is the perfect broker and he is a great guy!!!

- Manuela M. 11/10/16,   November 10, 2016
Ben in a very efficient, professional, personable, and knowledgeable real estate agent. He is a pleasure to work with and he respects his client wishes and demands.

- Mia M. 8/15/16,   August 25, 2016
Working with Ben Willig was a phenomenal experience. The process of buying our first apartment was an extremely daunting one, but Ben was there to help every step of the way. Ben spent countless hours taking us to apartment after apartment, listening to all of our finicky needs and wants, and then tailoring the apartment search to what we were looking for and within our budget. He was very knowledgeable about the industry and about all the different neighborhoods we were looking at, and no question was too big or too small for him. Because of Ben, I found an amazing place, and I couldn''t have gone through the buying process without his help and guidance. Ben is experienced and he knows what he is doing - I would highly recommend working with him!!

- Yvonne W. 8/23/16,   August 25, 2016
Ben was very responsive and knowledgeable in the sale of our coop. his team clearly understands the market and he arranged several details in the execution prep to get the unit ready to sell.

- Selden M.,, 5/17/16,   June 07, 2016
Throughout the entire process (which ended up being close to a year-long search), Ben was professional, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. He took my complete lack of real estate knowledge in stride and answered (honestly and candidly) every dumb question I could come up with. His knowledge of fair pricing, co-op requirements and my personal wish-list saved me precious time in narrowing down apartments that I even wanted to look at in-person. When I fell in love with certain apartments, he was supportive but pointed out specific problems and explained potential points of concern; at no point did I feel any pressure to make an offer that wasn’t perfect. He was engaged, proactive and always available when I reached out. His enthusiasm and positivity kept me in the market even when some initial offers didn’t work out. In a market where great apartments are often sold even before they make it to the first open house, Ben was able to put together a very competitive offer. He kept in constant communication with the selling agent and provided critical advice on improving my offer in the 11th hour that ended up winning the deal. Ben and his team were invaluable in helping me through the co-op board approval process. From the get-go, Ben was great at managing my expectations around timing, documentation and other board requirements. The dream team of Ben and Cortney made putting together the board package seamless and efficient. I was able to simply email them documents and they took care of the rest. Next came the board interview. Ben did a mock interview running through a list of potential questions. Imagine my surprise when the actual interview questions were almost verbatim what Ben had talked me through. As I responded to those questions I was now so well prepared to answer, I couldn’t help but chuckle thinking that the man is clairvoyant! Like an experienced captain, Ben expertly navigated me over the uncharted (and sometimes turbulent) seas of Manhattan real estate. His passion, integrity and operational efficiency made him an absolute pleasure to work with. I recommend him unreservedly and wholeheartedly!

- Shoby M.,, 5/31/16,   June 07, 2016

  June 03, 2016
Ben was great to work with. He guided me through the buying process from start to finish and answered all of my questions. Ben is very knowledgeable of the real estate market and NYC neighborhoods. I would recommend him without hesitation.

- Richard H. 4/12/16,   April 28, 2016
I was referred to Ben from multiple friends who had worked with him during their apartment search process. He was highly recommended due to his skill, knowledge, professionalism and ability to execute and deliver. My experience working with him has been nothing less than perfection. I had searched on my own for months before I had my first meeting with Ben. I thought I had a good knowledge of the real estate market, but boy did Ben open my eyes to so many things I could not have known on my own. During this first meeting, Ben listened attentively to all my ideas and preferences and gave me his honest viewpoint and opinion of what I should expect during this search process. He took the time to explain many things about the real estate market and process that I had no knowledge of previously. He did not rush the meeting and instead offered to explain and walk through things as long as I needed to get comfort and feel prepared. I sincerely appreciated how thoughtful and patient he was from the get-go. I was under a rushed process as I had to move out of the rental apartment, and Ben worked closely with me and stayed on top of my process. During the entire search process, he was always available, full of energy and accommodating. He dedicated countless hours sending me listings online, viewing properties in person together, and discussing ideas over email. Ben''s skills became even more apparent to me during the contract negotiation stage. There were two things that stood out to me - 1) his ability to connect with others and create a harmonious environment for both parties to reach a good outcome, and 2) his depth of knowledge which ensures that he won''t miss a beat in representing you as his client. Ben was able to convince the seller to reduce the listed purchase price by over $40k and secure a fast process - I signed the contract within a month after my first meeting with him. That''s an incredible speed and discount in NYC. The rest of the closing process was seamless. He was instrumental in getting my co-op board package together fully and accurately to insure no delays with the closing process. This takes a lot of coordination and a lot of paperwork to go through. Ben has an amazing team that supports him and helped me stay organized and punctual during this process. Because of his meticulousness and professionalism, we stayed on top of the schedule and closed on time. This whole process could have been stressful but instead Ben made it the most fun process ever. I highly recommend him to all my friends without hesitation. Ben - thank you for giving me a place in NYC to call my home.

- Nancy H. 4/13/16,   April 28, 2016
I cannot say enough about the superlative attention I received from Ben and his team! I was looking at both sales and rentals for relocation to NYC from Boston, and their knowledge of the neighborhoods, the process, and the details (down to individual buildings!) was phenomenal. We had quite a bit of back and forth in negotiating with sellers, and Ben''s calm, professional demeanor and mastery of all interactions made my final decision (which was to rent for now, and look for a purchase later) absolutely the right one. HIs coordinated work with associate Nick Campbell on the rental front made for a seamless transition to finding the right apartment for me for now. Not only do I trust these guys completely, but I had a blast running around town looking at places with them! Down-to-earth, yet totally savvy. THEY ARE WINNERS!

- Rebecca F. 4/28/16,   April 28, 2016
Ben was outstanding. His flexibility, patience and knowledge of the market made our home-buying process easy and fun. Even our two-year old daughter love Ben! I cannot recommend him enough.

- Michael B. 4/11/16,   April 12, 2016
I had a wonderful experience working with Ben as he guided me through my first personal real estate transaction. Ben was recommended to me by a close friend, and I myself have already recommended him to another friend and will absolutely continue to do so in the future. Ben is very knowledgeable and always willing to answer every question I had. I learned this from the very first phone call I shared with him which lasted almost three hours on a Friday evening. Off the bat, this told me that as a serious buyer, I would get the benefit of a very serious broker. Rather than brush me off or give very surface-level explanations as I found some brokers to do, Ben dove into the details and rationalized the answers to my questions. This conversation gave us a very solid foundation to work with to start off our relationship. Finding the right place was quite the journey, but Ben makes a great effort to make this as seamless as possible. After a couple conversations and reviewing listings together online, we were off to our first go-around viewing several apartments in just one day. Ben set up all the logistics to make sure we could view all of them one after another with enough time. If he had to drop off briefly for an important appointment, he would make sure another member of his (very friendly) team was available to be there and assist, to ensure that we were always in good hands no matter what. I recognized these as non-trivial time commitments and appreciated it greatly. As I saw more apartments and discussed with him my reactions to different places and my requirements, there was no feeling of pressure from his side. His desire is simply to understand what you want so that you can find what you want. After I finally decided on the apartment, Ben helped me navigate the twists and turns that make up the process of actually closing on Manhattan real estate. There were several complications that came up from the seller side, but Ben made sure to advocate for my needs, keep me informed, and respond to my consistent inquiries. Throughout the closing process, he proved to be incredibly patient and understanding. Probably the most important thing I would want you to take away from my review is that I believe Ben to be a very trustworthy and genuine person. When you''re making one of the biggest transactions of your life, you need to have the confidence that this trust enables you to have.

- Clarence T. 3/10/16,   March 10, 2016
Ben was a pleasure to work with and helped me to find the perfect home in my dream location in Manhattan. As a first time home buyer, I was anxious about the process. Ben helped tremendously to alleviate those concerns and was extremely responsive to all of my inquiries and pushed for a slightly aggressive closing date to accommodate my hectic work travel schedule. He really held my hand throughout the entire experience and went above and beyond more times than I can count. I would highly recommend him if you are looking to buy/sell an apartment in the city.

- Kim M. 8/12/15,   February 09, 2016
I would highly recommend Ben Willig for any real estate needs that you might have. He and his team went above and beyond in all aspects of our recent tranaction from start to finish. Five stars in my book.

- Jon B. 11/23/15,   February 09, 2016
I have had the delightful privilege to work with Ben in buying our first apartment in Manhattan. He was introduced to me with great reviews by a close college friend of mine as a very capable, reliable and personable broker - and he was really all of those traits and beyond. He himself grew up in the area and personally invests in properties in Manhattan, therefore knows a ton about the market. Given his transaction experience he is also great at managing tough processes that will undoubtedly come up in any real estate transaction in Manhattan. What I appreciate the most is his honest advice in any situations. Ben will lay out the key considerations ahead of any decisions you need to make and really allow you to make the call.

- Jaewon C. 11/23/15 ,   February 09, 2016
Ben goes way beyond the traditional function of a real estate agent. His enthusiasm and expertise made him a trusted real estate advisor for me, often drawing on his own personal experiences in the New York City real estate market to educate me and inform my decisions. I have worked with Ben on many occasions, but most recently on my acquisition of an apartment in Manhattan. Before I had even decided to buy, Ben scheduled time with me to share valuable insights and considerations before entering the market. From that conversation to the day I obtained my accepted offer was just about 6 weeks. During those 6 weeks, Ben worked tirelessly and we saw over 60 units! During the search, Ben was attentive to my feedback, carefully curating listings to align with my evolving views on what was important for my home. After 3-4 weeks, Ben effectively knew what I wanted better than I did; on one Sunday, I saw 3 consecutive listings that satisfied all my top criteria and ended up putting in offers on each! And his dedication to the process did not end once I had my accepted offer. He was critical in project managing the entire process from that initial conversation, through closing and even extending himself to assist me in other questions that I continue to have such as homeowners insurance and renovations. He was adept at dealing with management companies, selling brokers, bankers, lawyers and all the other key stakeholders in the process. He was also highly responsive and available at all times to answer questions or provide updates. Any market participant, whether novice or experienced, will be at a significant advantage with Ben as an advocate.

- Lou B. 11/5/2015,   November 19, 2015
Ben was a pleasure to work with on my transaction. Not knowing the various neighborhoods in Manhattan, Ben asked the right questions regarding my needs and immediately pointed me in the right direction regarding the specific neighborhood I should concentrate on. Once that was established he did his homework to find properties that I would be interested in. I did not want to spend a lot of time looking at property after property. Within a few days we found a property that fit my needs and negotiated a price that I was comfortable with. During the due diligence period had guided me through the process and the transaction closed without any surprises. I strongly recommend Ben for your purchase.

- Patrick A. 7/14/2015,   July 14, 2015
Ben is a go-getter who really hustled for us. He quickly learned what we liked and gave us a steady stream of potential places to review. He quickly set up appointments for site visits and got timely feedback on any questions we had. Our search took over 6 months and Ben never wavered in his assistance to us. Once we had an accepted offer Ben showed outstanding knowledge of all of the processes (coop board, legal, banking, closing, etc.) that we needed to navigate to bring the deal to a successful conclusion. He made a stressful process relatively easy and the closing completed with no issues. I highly recommend Ben without hesitation or equivocation.

- Andrew C. 7/1/15,   July 02, 2015
Unbelieveable service in a particularly difficult transaction - I am South African and had little time to view and once back home, had practical challenges like time differences, signing documents, closing etc. Ben remained calm and solution driven all the time. Unbelievable. Highly highly recommend him.

- Donne C. 6/30/15,   June 30, 2015
I very much enjoyed working with Ben. He was thoughtful in his approach ensuring he understood our needs and recommending we look at places that fit our profile. As we narrowed down our search, Ben was responsive in looking at market comps to get us comfortable with our bid and walking us through the process. Ben was not pushy and ensured we were making an informed bid at each stage of the process. Once our bid was accepted, Ben stayed very involved ensuring our Board package was complete and following up with the Property Management/Board until we had our approvals in hand. I would highly recommend Ben and his team to anyone seeking an apartment in Manhattan.

- Anne C. 6/29/15,   June 29, 2015
It’s been a month we moved in our new home and finally get to write about Ben Willig. Ben came as a recommendation to us from one of our very close friends who he had helped purchase an apartment as well. In a nutshell… TOP AGENT, TOP CLASS SERVICE!! That’s what you can expect from him and nothing less!! Very proactive, methodical and hardworking! Ben was extremely helpful, professional and responsive and knows the NY realtor market very well. We are the first time property buyers and with so many questions and reservations that we had, Ben guided us throughout the process in the most accommodating manner. He was ALWAYS kind and patient with us in explaining things in detail and the in the most simple way. Always honest and was never biased in his opinions. He loves his job to bits and that shows in the way he handles his work and clients with so much care. Without doubts, we are his clients for life and would recommend Ben to anyone looking to buy or sell their property. He is surely the very best real estate agent to work with in New York city!!

- Manisha B 4/5/15,   April 06, 2015
My wife, daughter and I live in Ithaca, NY and just bought an apartment in Manhattan. Ben Willig was our broker and I can recommend him without hesitation. Ben is a thorough professional and he leads a fine team of knowledgeable real estate agents. We had never bought property in NYC before and were anxious that it would be a very difficult and complicated process. It was indeed a rather involved process, but Ben’s knowledge of the market and his affable nature made it a pleasure. Ben listens very intelligently to what his clients want, and I found that he got to understand exactly what we were looking for. He asks good questions, gets to know your tastes, and works within the budget you give him. If you change your mind (and most people do), you will find Ben adapting very quickly to your new ideas. Since he knows Manhattan’s neighborhoods well, and since the qualities of a neighborhood make a huge difference to how you will respond to your new home, Ben will not waste your time showing you places that may look good in pictures but will not give you the kind of home you want. We looked at apartments in a number of neighborhoods and ended up purchasing one in Lincoln Square; both the neighborhood and the apartment are perfect for us! Ben’s team made the process of getting a mortgage, doing the paperwork for the coop, and other related things, extremely simple. That was especially helpful since we don’t live in the City and had to do some things from a distance. And when we knew we needed a good contractor, we again asked Ben and he made some excellent recommendations to us. We found all of his recommendations to be good and reliable, and it was so convenient to interview and choose one person from the list of names he gave us for every category. All in all, Ben is superbly professional -- amiable, intelligent, and sophisticated. You will enjoy working with him. He will make you feel comfortable and let you explore things at your own pace. (And while you are looking at apartments or houses in the City, don’t forget to ask him about his favorite restaurants. We found a couple of extremely good North Indian restaurants because of him – and so many Indian restaurants in NYC are underwhelming at best!)

- Mr. Mohanty 12/14/2014,   December 16, 2014
We recently worked with Ben Willig of Anchor Associates on a co-op purchase in Manhattan. As a first time home buyer, we were incredibly lucky to have Ben as our buyer''s broker. He was extremely knowledgeable and helpful throughout the entire process -- from the bidding process, due diligence, signing contracts, acquiring financing, the co-op board package and interview and ultimately the closing. First and foremost, Ben is extremely attentive to his client''s needs and responsive given the various tight deadlines that are inherent in a co-op purchase. In addition, Ben has great recommendations for the resources one would need in closing a purchase (financing, attorneys, inspectors, insurance, etc.) and all the people we worked with were top notch. As issues would arise in the process -- as they naturally do -- Ben and his team showed great skill in handling them on our behalf and achieved great results for us. With the help of his warm, friendly and knowledgeable colleague Nick Campbell (who actually helped us view numerous rental properties before we decided to explore purchasing), Ben at Anchor Associates was the best broker we could have asked for. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone as a broker for a home purchase.

- John O. 8/27/14,   August 27, 2014
We were visiting New York from Philadelphia and had two and a half days to look at 1-2 bedroom condos. Ben who was recommended by a friend greeted us at our hotel, before check-in and showed us several properties throughout the city for two days. The initial search was based on a list of possible properties that Ben had preselected with our feedback on Agentfolio. In order to use our limited time efficiently, Ben provided a driver and had prearranged our itinerary with appointments at various properties. Ben''s knowledge of NYC gave us a good feel of the prices, architecture, amenities and safety of each area. Ben is a good listener and readily modified what we saw on the second day based on our first day''s experience. The final half day involved returning to our favorite condo in the financial district. Within 5 days we had an accepted offer. He then provided assistance and guidance through the condo application process and within a month of our initial search we were condo owners. At our request he also provided useful suggestions for possible lawyers to use at closing. Ben was attentive and thoroughly professional throughout the process. Without his experience and guidance I doubt whether we would have found our condo and would certainly not have been ushered through the process so efficiently. I feel that no one could could have done better. We would definitely use his services again should the need arise.

- Kamal R. 2/10/14,   February 10, 2014
This review is for Ben Willig. We started our apartment searching journey with Ben 5 months ago when our friend referred Ben to us. Ben is the most patient and the least pushy real estate agent I have ever come across, who has a tremendous knowledge and connection in the real estate market in Manhattan. We just closed our apartment today, and things went so smoothly and stress-free, it''s been incredible. Ben respects your opinion, advises you to put in the best purchase price (from your standpoint) and helps you to find the best value apartments. When we were comparing a few apartments, he actually recommended the lower-priced apartment to us, and I was quite surprised he actually did that! This is all because he puts a client''s interest in front of his own - which is a rarity these days. and we cannot thank him enough for all his and his team''s (Andrew in Ben''s team has also been tremendously helpful) support and guidance. We actually referred a couple of our friends to Ben and we look forward to continuing our relationship with him.

- Dina S. 1/17/14,   January 17, 2014
Ben was a pleasure to work with. He stayed within my price range and within the areas of the city that I expressed an interest in. Ben was always available by phone or email and made sure to always give me his undivided attention.

- Gene S. 12/23/13,   December 27, 2013
I highly recommend Ben Willig for his professionalism and expertise. Ben handled the sale of my condominium in Manhattan, New York. The entire sales process (from listing to closing) took less than 4 months. This was due, in large measure, to Ben's expertise - from understanding the real estate market in New York and appropriately (and competitively) listing the apartment, to negotiating and handling every aspect of showing the apartment and negotiating the terms of the sale. Ben was always responsive, professional and knowledgeable - with answers to every question and helpful strategy to close on a relatively complex sale. I was confident in Ben and knew everything was going to be taken care of in the time frame that I needed. I couldn't be happier with my experience, and thank Ben for all of his hard work.

- K.C. T. 12/17/13,   December 18, 2013
I highly recommend Ben for any real estate transaction. Ben is professional, responsive and detail oriented. He appreciated and valued our requests and opinions and worked diligently to close the deal on the sale of our home.

- Kathryn L. 11/25/13,   November 25, 2013
Ben Willig was the broker that worked with us in finding our first apartment in New York and we could not have asked for a better, more devoted broker.  There were several circumstances which made our apartment search challenging, most challenging being the limited amount of time that we had to look at apartments (less than 24 hours). The first day of our experience was a Tuesday afternoon in which the weather also made our search more challenging.  It was down-pouring rain for the first few hours and Ben, along with his assistant Vu Tran, were still eager to continue the apartment search, even though there was only one umbrella for four people.  They insisted that we use the umbrella, while they were unprotected from the elements. That day we were shown multiple apartments that matched our search criteria.  We were not shown apartments that we could not afford or in areas that we were not interested in living; we were only shown apartments that were appropriate to our needs and means.  This was a welcome surprise having previously dealt with brokers that were more interested in their commission rather than what would be the best for us. We would HIGHLY recommend Ben Willig and Anchor Associates Group to anyone who is looking for any assistance with the search for an apartment in New York City.  His knowledge and expertise of the New York area and its fast-paced changing real estate market was a welcomed surprise and immense help which made the experience of searching for an apartment pleasurable and successful.

- Tim P. 5/31/12,   October 22, 2013
How much do I love Ben Willig? Let me count the ways.Ben is truly broker extraordinaire... calm, knowledgeable, smart, funny, the hardest of workers. I cannot tell you how lucky we feel to have worked with him during our apartment process. Our situation was tricky b/c not only we were trying to find a new apartment in Tribeca or Gramercy (two neighborhoods we knew very little about - but luckily Ben did!) but also, my boyfriend had to break his lease four months early. Ben navigated the entire process with ease - he found us the VERY perfect apartment - under our budget with everything we wanted and more. He also managed to negotiate with Jon''s building for a lease break and find a new tenant. Amazing!!! We move in three weeks, everything is settled and we are thrilled. Plus, we got a discount on movers because we worked with Ben! I''m telling you what I told my friends - if you go with any other broker other than Ben Willig, you''re nuts.

- Emily F. 4/19/12,   October 22, 2013
I was fortunate enough to end up working with Anchor Associates earlier this summer when my friend and I moved up to New York from Atlanta. We initially expected the apartment search process to be difficult. Fortunately for us, we were paired up with Ben Willig who did a perfect job. We outlined our decision factors and Ben stuck to them. Ben spent the entire day with us and presented to us over 13 apartments that matched our price and location preferences. Ben acted very professionally and friendly. He assisted us with the entire process (including signing) and was very informative about the process. Our experience with him and his team was stellar and we have recommended him to three of our friends who have moved to the city who have all had similar good experiences. If you are in the market, make sure Anchor and Ben are helping you navigate it.

- Bill D. 10/14/11,   October 22, 2013
I worked with Ben for about 4 months while looking for an apartment in the Chelsea area and couldn't have had a better experience. While it sounds extremely clich?? to say that someone "goes the extra mile", it is a 100% accurate portrayal of Ben's work ethic. Two quick examples that come to mind include 1) during the final walk through prior to closing on the apartment I ultimately ended up finding, Ben (in a full suit) got on his hands and knees to fully inspect that the chimney flue was working correctly, completely accepting the fact that he would get dirty in the process. 2) I had a contractor take a look at one of the apartments I was looking at in order to see what it would cost to make a few renovations. I was stuck at work and unable to meet him at the apartment, but Ben said he would show the contractor around and let him know what I was looking to do. Sure enough, Ben met the contractor at the apartment and was able to walk him through everything that I wanted to. Simply put, your average NY city broker would not put in nearly as much time and effort as Ben does to make sure that you have a positive experience in searching for a new place to buy or rent. I recommend him to all of my friends, and consistently hear similar feedback from them.

- Steve S. 9/25/2013,   September 26, 2013
I would like to echo Ben Willig's already positive reviews and recommend Ben Willig to anyone currently looking for a realtor. Throughout the entire process, Ben was extremely helpful and is a genuinely nice person. Ben is not a typical realtor. Despite being extremely busy, Ben always gives off the impression that you are the only person he is working for. He also never pressures you into buying a certain apartment. Instead, he shows you apartments that fit your criteria and stays quiet to let you form your own opinion. Ben also possesses a great blend of professionalism and friendliness. For instance, he worked around the clock (literally) to find us a place in 3 days, but also made time to have lunch with us and get to know us. I know I will be using Ben again in the future and strongly recommend you to do the same. You will not be disappointed.

- Brad K. 6/11/13,   June 12, 2013
My mom found Ben through a Craigslist search. It ended up that we attended the same college. Ben was extremely helpful and flexible throughout my apartment search. He met me on time and had already contacted buildings that he thought I would be interested in. While looking at an apartment, if I didn't like it, we moved on. He helped me find the building I am now living in and I could not be more pleased. Ben's group is very professional and I highly recommend them.

- Mary M. 5/23/13,   May 23, 2013
Ben was a breath of fresh air in my attempts to rent a house. I went through what I assume to be a standard indoctrination into NYC Real Estate: 1) Learn about broker's fees. 2) Attempt to avoid them by responding to ads on New York Times, Street Easy, Zillow, and Craig's List. 3) Encounter the absolute scum of the earth in the form of 98% of real estate agents. Finally I got a response from Ben from a particular Zillow request - and the rest was history. Responsive as can be --- brutally honest (You would enter a place and he would tell you right away 10%/15%/no fee, etc.) --- adaptable to your housing desires. I will work with Ben again in my life as a NYC resident. Would be shocking not to.

- Charlie C. 4/2/13,   April 30, 2013
Apartment hunting is stressful, but Ben Willig and Jimmy Fernandes made the experience as seamless as possible. I met Ben four years ago when he found me my first apartment in the city. I had such a great experience that first time around, I knew if I ever had to move again, Ben would be my first phone call. Once again, Ben delivered. He also introduced me to his colleague, Jimmy, who was instrumental in finding me my most recent apartment. Ben and Jimmy showed me several quality options within my budget, and did not get frustrated when my search criteria changed a couple of times. They were extremely patient, and invested so much time and effort into my search. Ben and Jimmy are not just great brokers, they are great people. They truly care about making sure you have the best experience possible, and end up completely satisfied with your new apartment. I would definitely recommend them to my friends and family, or anyone else who is looking for a new home.

- Natalie O. 3/25/13,   March 25, 2013
I really enjoyed working with anchor. They made finding an apartment not only a seamless process but also a pretty fun one. It's easy to become overwhelmed in looking for a new place to live but Ben, who I worked with, took the edge off and made the whole process exciting again. I would absolutely use them the next time I need to find an apartment to rent.

- Elisabeth B. 2/22/13,   February 22, 2013
Ben Willig and Jimmy Fernandes . . . remember those names because they are worth GOLD! I am an Architect from Santa Monica and needed an apartment in Manhattan for my daughter and myself. There are a lot of fine realtors in New York, and a few who treat you only as a paycheck. Ben and Jimmy will be my go-to referrals and friends in NYC. We were staying in a temporary apartment while searching for just the right place. We had very specific requirements including, among other things, my insistence on safety and easy transportation to and from my daughter's school. We also had other specifics which made a couple of brokers give up, not so Ben and Jimmy. They were always positive and reassuring and I truly believed they would find the right place for us, and they did! I can honestly say we would not be happily living where we are now without them . . . period. I've been in the service business for 30 years and these two people, Ben Willig and Jimmy Fernandes do all the right things to treat them like GOLD.

- Bruce R. 2/7/13,   February 07, 2013
Ben Willig was an amazing broker to work with. I was in a time crunch to find a one bedroom and he not only sat down to listen to what I was looking for, but delivered quickly. He listened to my preferences, altered his search accordingly, and found an apartment within days. His whole team worked fluidly and efficiently and made the process much easier. I highly recommend Ben and his team to anyone!

- Meg S. 1/24/13,   January 25, 2013
I recently moved from Los Angeles to New York for work. My move was over the holidays and one of my friends that already live in the city recommend I work with Ben Willig to find an apartment. I do not regret going with this decision and ended up working with Ben and Jimmy Fernandes. Both are extremely friendly, patient and helpful people. Prior to my move, I was speaking with Ben over the phone and email in regards to what and where I wanted to live. He asked me many relevant questions about my apartment hunt that didn't even occur to me. Since Ben was going to be on vacation for the holidays, he turned me over to Jimmy. I thought that I would need to go over the same questions with Jimmy but he already knew what I was looking for verbatim. Jimmy had a whole list of apartments lined up for the day I arrived. My flight was delayed and Jimmy worked around my hectic schedule. It was dumping snow that day and he still took me to all the apartments. In the end he found me a building I would have never found on my own (I was looking for postwar but he found me an awesome renovated prewar building). The whole experience was enjoyable. I would recommend them.

- Gary C. 1/3/13,   January 03, 2013
I recently moved to NYC from DC. I had some city living experience so I had a decent idea of what I was looking for, but there's no way I could have navigated my way through the craziness of NYC apartments without Ben's help. Ben Willig was referred to me by a friend who also had a great experience with him. I came to the city one afternoon, and Ben patiently took me from place to place. He had a list of about 25 places and narrowed it down as we progressed. He saved the best for last, and knew I would feel the most confident with my selection if I saw the other places first. Not to mention the last place was a no-fee rental, which earned even more points in my book. Ben is personable, reliable, communicates quickly and easily, and really made a potentially stressful experience enjoyable. I will definitely be using him again and will refer him to people I know.

- Gregory B. 10/08/12,   October 08, 2012
My wife and I could not have asked for a better experience finding our first apartment together than our experience with Ben Willig and Andrew Vo at Anchor Associates. Ben's expertise came right into play during our initial telephone discussion when, after we discussed our budget and what we were looking for, Ben suggested looking at a neighborhood that we had not thought of. This turned out to be crucial, as the apartment we ended up renting was in this very neighborhood! Ben and Andrew put together a great itinerary that allowed us to easily compare and contrast apartments based on price, neighborhood, and building amenities. Although I had been warned beforehand from a friend not to rely on brokers (in general, not regarding Anchor specifically) for information on features of the surrounding neighborhood such as proximity to subway stops, the information Ben and Andrew provided on the neighborhoods I was familiar with beforehand was right on the money, which put me greatly at ease. Both gentlemen were quite easygoing and did not pressure us to choose any specific apartment. Andrew in particular is to be praised for tirelessly guiding us through a very long and geographically diverse journey around the city. Furthermore, he went above and beyond by making several efforts to contact us the next day when our first-choice apartment--which had been snatched up the first day (such is NYC apartment hunting)--became available again. Because my wife and I were so thrilled that we had secured our second-choice apartment, which was in the same building as our first choice, we were lax about checking our e-mail and phone that day, but Andrew finally reached us, and thus we are writing this review from our dream apartment! And we love our new neighborhood too. Be aware that since the firm in high demand, it may take some effort and time to get a hold of them initially. Anchor had to reschedule our first phone appointment, but it was well worth it! Overall, we can highly recommend Anchor in general and Ben and Andrew in particular for anyone, particularly novices, trying to find an outstanding New York apartment.

- Frank S. 10/01/12,   October 01, 2012
I was given Ben Willig's name from my good friend who he found an apartment for. I was completely taken aback at his professionalism and kindness. He called me and spent about 20 minutes on the phone with me which I thought was very generous. I explained I was looking for a shared living situation and even though he didn't really deal with that he took the time to give me advice and contacts. He also offered to stay in touch if I had any questions. I was beyond impressed at his helpfulness. I ended up finding another girl to look for an apartment with and Ben put me in touch with Vu Tran. Vu was also very helpful, professional, friendly, and warm. I went to his office to discuss some of my concerns about finding the right apartment and he had a glass of water waiting for me. I can't speak highly enough of my experience. The girl who I was looking for an apartment with backed out and I felt really bad, but Vu was completely unphased and continued to offer me help in the future if I needed it. I will recommend Ben and Vu to anyone who I hear is looking for an apartment and when the day comes that I need to look for an apartment I will definitely be calling them again.

- Jenny S. 9/15/12,   September 17, 2012
My roommate and I have both lived in NYC for 2 years prior to working with Anchor Associates for our third apartment. I could not have been more pleased with Anchor Associates. We worked with both Ben Willig and Andrew Vo- who were both absolutely fantastic. Unlike many of the sketchy realty brokers you find in NYC, both Andrew and Ben took the time to speak with us about what we wanted in an apartment, they were happy to show us many different spaces, even setting aside full afternoons during the weekend to work with us. When it came to signing an apartment they took the time to explain the process and negotiate the apartment price/lease agreement. They did not rush us through the process which many brokers do. After signing our lease, they took the time to check in with us multiple times to see how we liked our apartment, even bringing over home made cookies as an apartment warming gift! Working with Anchor Associates was a great experience, I would (and have) highly recommended them to anyone looking for an apartment in NYC.

- Kate L. 9/5/12,   September 05, 2012
Ben Willing helped us find a great one bedroom apartment, and was great to work with. He showed us a dozen apartments in one day, and was very responsive to our likes and dislikes, and helped focus the search to more apartments that he thought we would like. He pointed out pros and cons of each apartment, gave helpful descriptions of the different neighborhoods, and he helped us think through things like measurements and where furniture would go. Ben was very responsive throughout the application process and made sure we got all of the paperwork in on time and correctly. Further, he came with us to the lease signing just in case we had any last minute questions or concerns. After prior bad experiences apartment hunting in NYC, it was great working with someone who understood and responded to my concerns. I would highly recommend working with Ben to find a great apartment.

- Tara J. 4/27/12,   May 08, 2012
I was referred to Ben at Anchor Associates Group by a client. Ben took the time to meet with my girlfriend and I over 4 months prior to our move in date. We were really concerned about finding the perfect place. Well, after only one day of showings, Ben had introduced us to our first apartment together - it couldn't have been a less painful process! And they say Manhattan real estate is a headache!

- Keith P. 4/27/12,   May 08, 2012
Extremely Impressed! Moving to Manhattan is pretty darn intimidating. My wife and I recently made the move down from Boston. Not knowing the city well, we found the apartment search to be overwhelming. After a bit of frustration we decided that we really needed a broker's help. Unfortunately, our first broker didn't get the job done. She was a friend of a friend and while very friendly it turned out that she just didn't have the necessary knowledge of the rental market and it became clear we would need to part ways. Enter Ben Willig from Anchor Associates. From our very first interaction over the phone I was impressed. He found out what we were looking for and we arranged to meet the next week. It was obvious that he knew his stuff and was intimately familiar with the area where we were hoping to move. In one afternoon he showed us over a dozen apartments. It went from a situation with our previous broker struggling to find a single acceptable apartment to a situation where we had a half-dozen or more apartments that were acceptable. To complicate matters, things had to come together extremely quickly. We met on a Tuesday and my wife was heading out on a three week business trip to Africa on Thursday. I am currently unemployed, so she was the one who's name needed to be on all the paperwork. If we couldn't get it done, we would have had to start the process all over when she got back. Thanks to Ben, everything worked out. A crazy morning culminated with Ben getting everything together and my wife signing a lease immediately before hopping in a taxi to the airport. I moved in last weekend to a great one bedroom on the Upper East Side and it never would have happened without Ben Willig's amazing efforts.

- Daniel A. 3/14/12,   March 14, 2012
My sister and I worked with Ben Willig for two years now and we could not have been happier each time. The first year I wasn't living in the city and was unsure about what area we wanted to live in. Ben was incredibly accommodating and showed me apartments all over the city. He was very knowledgable and patient as it took awhile to make up our mind. He took me around the city several times and also met up with me again to show my parents. We were incredibly pleased with the apt we ended up in and the whole process was very smooth. The second time we moved, we immediately knew we would contact Ben again. He showed us around areas we were interested in three months before we were planning on moving to see if we could find apts in our price range. We contacted him again closer to the move in date and Ben showed us a variety of apts in the areas we liked that met our criteria for space, price etc. We found an apt that we loved and are extremely happy with our new place. I highly recommend Ben Willig and have passed on his name to all my friends looking for apts. Ben was always very quick to respond to emails or any questions that I had (and there were a lot!) and was reachable any time I contacted him. He is very personable and funny and made the whole process enjoyable.

- Natalie S. 1/2/12,   January 02, 2012
I worked with Ben Willig and he was amazing. Let me tell you why. This past March I moved across the country from Cali. I met with Ben once in Jan. while I was in NY for business and he made time to meet with me at the craziest hours of the day and even showed me some options that are out there. Right before March rolled around he found some great deals for me to look at, including one place in Kips Bay for which 5 other applicants wanted. Thanks to Ben, i beat them out by a hair. He was so quick, thorough and diligent. He gave me a video tour, sent photos, etc. so I was comfortable renting sight unseen. I've been in my place since March and now think I will be moving again. Since i'm more familiar with the city and know my way around, I want to more to a more affordable location. I've contacted Ben again to discuss. Great person to work with! Really recommend this company and getting in touch with Ben!

- Jennifer S. 11/28/11,   December 06, 2011
We feel very fortunate that when we looked for an agent in NY--for our relocation from Calif--that the first person we found was Ben Willig. Though we were only looking for a rental (and on a tight budget no less), Ben called me back immediately to set up an appointment during our short window to apartment hunt. He asked me very detailed questions about our needs for ourselves and our toddler. We were pleasantly surprised when we met Ben that he brought along his colleague Mel Delgado. Ben wanted to make sure were taken care of and that Mel could help us complete our application process as Ben was going on vacation a few days later. We couldn't believe how well they were looking out for us when we merely looking for a rental! We felt they were truly our advocates. Ben and Mel only showed us properties that met our needs -- and beyond. They gave us detailed advice about the neighborhood and schools. They didn't show us anything outside of our parameters. Ben had access to buildings in Gramercy that we could have never found on craigslist or streeteasy.They also walked us through the entire NYC rental process making it less daunting for out-of-towners. When we decided to apply for a place in Stuyvesant (they said we should look given the no-fee and playgrounds -- and they were right!), Mel actually staked out the leasing office for us to make sure we got a unit. Even better, they got us a unit in Peter Cooper Village that was much bigger and closer to my husband's work. We highly recommend Ben, Mel and Anchor Associates. They're enabling us to have a stress free move (in December no less!). I feel like Ben and Mel are like family to us now. Of course when we decide to buy, they're who we'll call. Thanks guys! Courtney, Jeremy and little Tru

- Courtney M. 11/23/11,   December 06, 2011
My roommates and myself were looking for an apartment in the Union. After Speaking with a number of brokers, Ben Willig came to our attention. He set us up with countless apartments in a short amount of time and found us an apartment in our price range and size requirements. He was on top of everything making sure that we had all of our documents in order to insure that there wold be no issues at the signing time, which there werent. At the time of signing, he gave us a pamphlet with all different types of vendors that would be of need to us during our year living there. I have since moved out of the city, but he was a great broker to deal with.

- Ken S. 10/17/11,   December 06, 2011
I had the please to work with Ben Willig. I was originally looking for a rental and he took me all over the city in cabs. He was the first broker that showed me apartments actually in my price range and didn't waste my time. I ended up buying an apartment which he was extremely helpful with including all paperwork. I highly recommend Ben for renting or purchasing an apartment especially if you don't want to waste time. He is honest and very helpful. My friends have used him since my experience with Ben and have all been truly happy with the experience. Very Professional, Highly Recommend!

- Jon F. 10/17/11,   December 06, 2011
Ben Willig was a fantastic help in finding and negotiating our apartment lease. To boot, he has continued to help and guide us as we have worked through negotiating our lease renewal, even after his professional commitment to us has passed. I recommend Ben and Anchor Associates to any friend of mine I hear is looking for an apartment, and he has helped many of them get wonderful apartments. I look forward to working with Anchor Associates in the future and know that they will help me find an apartment that won't compromise my needs and preferences.

- Kasey K. 10/18/11,   December 06, 2011
Having lived in NYC for 5 years and never gone through a broker to find an apartment, I was convinced that I could find a great apartment on my own. After 3 weeks of looking at terrible apartments on our own, my boyfriend and I contacted Anchor Associates. We worked with Ben Willig who was able to set up 5 viewings for later that evening. All the apartments he showed us were fabulous. He kept our budget and needs in mind, and was super friendly and endlessly helpful. Ben answered all of our questions promptly and was highly professional. We cannot be happier with our new place and are so pleased with our experience with Anchor. Will definitely be using them for our next move!

- Jackie G. 7/25/11,   December 06, 2011
Friendly, professional, efficient, effective. This was my second consecutive year working with Ben Willig at Anchor Associates and both years I have ended up with my dream apartment. Ben is super friendly and goes the extra mile for his clients - whether it's pulling strings to get into apartments that haven't even been listed yet or staying after hours to help with lease-signing. For both apartment searches, Ben lined up a ton of places for us to see (typically 6-8 units per outing) which was not only time-effective but also gave us many options to choose from until we found a place we loved. He also stuck to apartments within our price range and didn't push us into anything, which I definitely appreciated and can be hard to find with other NYC realtors. After we found our apartment, he was literally calling the landlord from the cab on the way to his office to make sure we got it, and we were signed-sealed-delivered just 72 hours later! Ben is a pro and I would definitely work with him again.

- Ellen L. 7/29/11,   December 06, 2011
My two friends and I recently used Ben Willig to find our new 3 bedroom apartment. Ben and his team went to great lengths to make sure that we found the apartment we were looking for. He made the apartment hunting process (which I personally despise) painless and even enjoyable. I have already referred a number of friends to him and will definitely use him the next time around.

- Owen H. 9/28/11,   December 06, 2011
Ben Willig at Anchor Associates was a life saver! I was forced out of my apartment due to flooding from Hurricane Irene and needed an new apartment in a matter of days. I called Ben Willig at Anchor Associates at 3pm from the car and he said he had 3 places he could show me by 5pm. Ben took me around NYC only looking at places in my price range that also met my commute requirements. Ben showed me a wide selection of apartments all with different pluses including one that I couldn't believe I could afford. I made my selection that night and Ben stayed with me till late in the evening working on the application so it could be submitted before the next morning. I have never had such dedication from anyone. The next day Ben calls me to say that the apartment I wanted had an application submitted earlier the night before, before I could get mine in. However, another apartment in the same building that we had looked at the night before was still available. It was outside my price range, but Ben was able to negotiate them down to what worked for me and had preemptively submitted my application to make sure I wouldn't miss it. Within days I was approved and ready to move in. Without Ben this processes would have taken me weeks and at a much higher cost. I will certainly be using Ben the next time I am looking for an apartment and I have recommended him to everyone I know.

- Bart D. 9/14/11,   December 06, 2011
Ben Willig has helped me find 2 apartments in NYC to this point, and I've been incredibly happy with the service. Before we found the apartment we chose, we looked at a ton of great places that met our criteria. Will certainly be using Ben in the future when finding my next apartment.

- Gus S. 10/14/11,   December 06, 2011
I had an outstanding experience with Anchor - especially working with Ben Willig! With all of the sketchy brokers out there it was so nice to work with an honest and friendly guy. I moved from Washington, DC up to New York City and Ben was helpful in finding times to look that were convenient for me. In addition, he was very open in our communication and always kept me and my roommate in the loop. Ben has helped not only myself but almost all of my friends find great places in the city that fit our needs and out budget. He was very sensitive to our budget, but also understood the needs of two girls in the city. I would, and do, recommend him to anyone that is looking for a place in New York City. Ben is a great guy who I enjoyed spending a weekend with while looking for a new home in NYC. I definetely recommend Anchor and Ben Willig.

- Colby G. 10/14/11,   December 06, 2011
Ben Willig is a fantastic agent and an even better person. He has gone completely out of his way to successfully negotiate multiple apartment leases for me. Ben is willing to set up appointments that work with my hectic schedule and always available via phone and email throughout the entire process. Ben is always honest and respectful both to his clients and other people involved in the brokerage process. It's tough to find someone as dedicated to his profession as Ben is in the city- his clients are his priority and this mantra makes working with him an absolutely pleasure.

- Amanda S. 10/14/11,   December 06, 2011
Ben Willig was super helpful with our apartment search! We started with looking for an apartment for 4 girls and ended up finishing with a 2 bedroom on the UES for 2 of us! You can imagine how difficult 4 girls can be to work with but Ben was amazing throughout the entire process. My roommate and I were able to find a few very nice, clean properties to use in making our final decision. I have been in my apartment for 1.5 years now and still refer people to Ben Willig. He is incredibly professional and an expert in NYC apartments! Recently, Ben took a friend of mine and myself on a tour of some UES apartments and was again, quite successful in finding several options for her! In the end, she decided to stay put but will refer to Ben Willig when she begins her search again.

- Emily S. 10/14/11,   December 06, 2011
I have had the pleasure of working with Ben Willig for the past two years. I was referred to Ben and after our initial meeting I understood why my friend was so confident in recommending me to work with Ben and Anchor Associates. Through Ben's experience he was able to listen to what myself and roommate was looking for in our first apartment in NYC and we were able to find a place and close in the first day of looking for apartments. After our lease was up and we had to renegotiated price, myself nor my roommate had the time or knowledge of the rental market to adequately negotiate the price and deal our buildings leasing office. Ben stepped up and help negotiate price with us saving us a couple hundred dollars a month allowing us to stay in the apartment and having the re-up process become relatively easily. Through my experience with Ben and Anchor Associates I have referred all my friends to work with Ben. Time after time they have all thanked me for referring them to Ben reaffirming the fact that working with Ben and his team has made their process of finding an apartment in NYC easy!

- Graham S. 10/14/11,   December 06, 2011
I had the pleasure of working with Ben Willig, who I was referred to by a friend. My friend had secured an awesome apartment on the Upper East Side with Ben so I hoped that he would do the same for my roommate and I in the Murray Hill Area. Ben did not let me down- he took us on many excursions and helped us find the best possible apartment for our budget. From the beginning he was honest, hard working, and more importantly he never pressured us. When we found the apartment that we liked, he sent us all of the paper work in a very timely manner and instructed us so when the paper work and lease came, everything was extremely clear. He even took the extra time to personally talk with our parents and answer all of the questions that they had. I would HIGHLY recommend Ben Willig to anyone, and I hope to work with him again in the future.

- Caroline R. 10/14/11,   December 06, 2011
Ben Willig and his extremely professional and courteous staff at Anchor Associates made my move in NYC absolutely hassle-free. Ben helped me move into the perfect apartment with all the amenities and specifications that I requested. He took the time to consider what I was looking for, and patiently showed me several apartments offering to pay for the cab fee to each place. He definitely went the extra mile and his relaxed and easy going nature made the apartment hunting experience surprisingly enjoyable! I have no doubt that these are just some of the reasons why Anchor Associates have had so much success in the last few years. Since my first move, I've referred numerous co-workers and friends and all have walked away just as satisfied with their experience, and I definitely plan on calling Ben in the future for all my moves as well!

- Sam A. 10/14/11,   December 06, 2011
I worked with Ben Willig at Anchor and I have nothing but good things to say about him. I was referred to him by a mutual friend, and from day 1 he was nothing but patient and helpful. Every apartment we saw, he had all of the details and was extremely and honest and upfront about all fees and costs. We spent days running and cabbing around the city at all times of the day, and he never lost his upbeat attitude or energetic disposition. He was always professional and always responsive to my requests, questions, and opinions. The funny part is, I didn't even end up renting an apartment through him! When an opportunity for a great place fell into my lap, I called Ben to discuss it, and he was honest and helpful even though he wasn't going to be compensated. If and when I need to rent a different apartment in NYC, I will definitely work with Ben again.

- Benjamin W. 10/14/11,   December 06, 2011
Ben Willig genuinely loves what he does-- and that is only one reason why he is so good at it. He is also incredibly motivated, honest, organized, responsive, flexible and supremely knowledgeable in both the NY sales and rental markets. When Ben closed the deal for my roommate and I on our top choice rental, we were out of town on vacation! He showed up and closed the deal on his own. Legend also has it that he even took a Sammy Sosa-style home run swing and trotted around the bases in my lobby once he closed the deal. He has since assisted a number of my friends in their searches and all of them have had the same experience. Highly recommended.

- Lou B. 10/14/11,   December 06, 2011
Ben Willig has now put me in two apartments, and on each occasion I had a wonderful experience. The first time my roommate and I used Ben was during the real estate meltdown of late 2008/early 2009. Despite the fact that he stood to gain no fee, he busted his hump and showed us dozens of spots throughout the city. He was always a professional, but I could always count on him to give me his honest opinion. I've recommended him to numerous other friends and associates and everyone has had positive feedback.

- James F. 10/14/11,   December 06, 2011
We had to make the big decision to rent or buy. With the help of Ben Willig from Anchor this choice was made easy. He laid out the facts for us and gave us helpful info to make up our mind and find the right location which fit our needs and our lifestyle. We never felt rushed or pressured to make a decision even though we looked at places for quite a while and in 3 different boroughs. Now, we found a wonderful apt. and the process of making an offer and the contract review and signing etc. went smoothly due to his expert help and suggestion. He was there every step of the way and is still taking our calls and replying our emails now and is there to help. It was a pleasure to work with him.

- Beat K. 10/16/11,   December 06, 2011
I was fortunate enough to end up working with Anchor Associates earlier this summer when my friend and I moved up to New York from Atlanta. We initially expected the apartment search process to be difficult. Fortunately for us, we were paired up with Ben Willig who did a perfect job. We outlined our decision factors and Ben stuck to them. Ben spent the entire day with us and presented to us over 13 apartments that matched our price and location preferences. Ben acted very professionally and friendly. He assisted us with the entire process (including signing) and was very informative about the process. Our experience with him and his team was stellar and we have recommended him to three of our friends who have moved to the city who have all had similar good experiences. If you are in the market, make sure Anchor and Ben are helping you navigate it.

- Billy D. 12/6/11,   December 06, 2011
I've had the opportunity to work with Ben Willig twice over the past year and a half and have had nothing but positive experiences. He is always on top of the market, and can give you an accurate, but more importantly realistic look at what the market is doing. Ben takes the time to lay out your options, taking into account your preferences and price range. I would recommend him to anyone.

- Paul G. 10/16/11,   December 06, 2011
I literally have nothing but good things to say about Anchor Associates, especially Ben Willig. Ben has helped me find an apartment not one, but two times in two years! First in Murray Hill in a studio, and second in a wonderful loft apartment in the west village. He is always well prepared with multiple apartments suiting the criteria you disclose. The best thing about Ben, is that if he shows you an apartment, and you are sort of 'ify' on it, he'll immediately cross out similar apartments, and move on to ones that he feels you'll like more. I have no qualms about referring him to all of my girlfriends, and I have!! I know 5 people who found apartments through Ben, and have had nothing but great things to say, including one particularly picky guy from work who had bad experiences with brokers in the past. NYC is expensive, and Ben helps to put fees and information up front so there is no shock when you are about to sign your name on the dotted line. If I plan to move in the city again, Ben is the first place I will go. No if, ands, or buts about it!

- Sara S. 10/14/11,   December 06, 2011

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