Agent Testimonials for Mick (Michael) DiStasio

Mick helped me find the perfect apartment that met all of my criteria. He also helped us navigate the lease process while my roommate resided in Chicago, making what should have been a stressful process an easy one.

- Lucie D. 3/16/18,   April 23, 2018
Mick is the best! He was incredibly patient in answering all of our questions, showing us places that fit our criteria without pushing anything that we didn''t want. We are new to the process and he was very helpful in managing our expectations, helping us through the process, and generally holding our hand(s) as we were thinking about our future home. Would highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy an apartment. I''m sure he''d be great for rentals as well.

- Matt Z. 3/20/18,   April 23, 2018
Mick is the best real estate agent I have ever had! I have been renting apartments since 2012 and moving from city to city and apartment to apartment and it has always been a disaster. Mick exceeded expectations. He has great knowledge of New York City in terms of location, price and time of year to rent and even has great insight on the process to get ready to buy. He really made my experience fun and completely bearable, when we all know that usually finding apartments is one of the most miserable things there is (especially in NYC). I have had some not great real estate agents in and out of NYC help me try to find an apartment, but thankfully was introduced to Mick and started to work with him. I would recommend Mick 10/10 times and would not work with another real estate agent moving forward

- Lucas D. 4/11/18,   April 23, 2018
We saw the apartment on Saturday and decided we wanted it right away. Within 5 days, we signed the lease. Mick made the process really quick and easy and was available to meet us so we could get measurements of the apartment and also came to us to get our lease signed. Excited to move into our new place in a month!

- Jessica L. 4/14/18,   April 23, 2018
Mick found/secured my roommates and I an apartment within 5 days, which is very impressive considering our extensive checklist for our ideal home. He was able to negotiate a great price for the apartment as well. I''d definitely recommend Mick for any person looking for an apartment, as he is very responsive and knowledgeable about the market.

- Michelle L. 4/14/18,   April 23, 2018
Mick was such a great contact to work with and instrumental in finding my roommates and I a great apartment. He had us top of mind when sharing newly renovated reasonably priced apartments and answered all of our questions in a timely manner. Moving in nyc can be very stressful and complex, and Mick was able to hash out a lot of details very quickly that would normally take weeks to confirm. I would highly recommend Mick for future folks who are thinking about moving. He was so pleasant and easy to work with, and extremely knowledgeable about the nyc Apartment landscape.

- Rebecca S. 4/14/18,   April 23, 2018
I worked with Mick DiStasio to find an apartment after just moving to the city. Mick was incredibly efficient and professional. He made what otherwise could have been a difficult process easy. We found and signed on our apartment within a matter of days. Mick is a straight shooter and a great broker. I would definitely recommend him. Thanks again Mick!

- Sam K. 2/13/18,   February 13, 2018
I was going through a weird transition as my previous broker that I was working with was leaving, but Mick jumped right in and was able to pick off exactly where I was left off. Mick knew what I was looking for, and wasted no time in sending me listings that met all my criteria. During our first open house day, Mick planned everything so I didn''t have to worry or keep track of which apartments we were seeing, or how to get from place to place. When we were thinking about making offers, Mick was super knowledgeable and communicative, making sure he did research on other comparable sales, and advising us on what would be a good offer. After our offer was accepted, Mick and his team also further impressed me with their hard work and dedication in helping me put together my board application. Mick also helped me to prepare for my board application, and even though I was super nervous, he was able to instill confidence within me. As this was my first time purchasing a co-op and had no idea what to expect, I knew I could lean on Mick for all my questions. Whenever I had a question, whether it was regarding the apartment itself, financing, mortgage, or even lawyer related, I never once hesitated to contact Mick and knew he would try to help me to the best of his ability. Mick is awesome, hard working, dedicated, and I might add, a pretty funny guy. He is super communicative and responsible. Even when he was out of the office, he would make sure that I was in contact with another person on his team. I would totally recommend him to anyone! :)

- Beverly M. 1/6/2018,   January 29, 2018
Mick DiStasio was referred to me by a good friend and it was such a pleasure to work with him. My roommate and I ended up finding our dream apartment in our desired price range AND location on the very first night! We were in a bit of a time crunch because the move was unexpected, so we are super thankful to Mick for making this a quick and seamless process. We have heard such horror stories about brokers, but this was completely the opposite. Mick made himself readily available, cabbed us around to showings, helped us throughout our lease signing, and gave us some great contacts for moving companies and other services. He is a super nice guy and very conversational. Definitely recommending Mick to all of my other friends who are moving to new apartments!!

- Heidi G. 8/18/17,   August 18, 2017
This review is for Mick - Mick was great to work with and made the otherwise dreaded task of moving in NYC pleasant and easy. I''d highly recommend working with him as he''s professional, quick, and genuinely interested in making his clients happy.

- Mia 8/11/17,   August 15, 2017
Working with Mick to purchase my first apartment in NYC was a great experience. He was quickly able to understand exactly what I was looking for and effectively filtered through hundreds of listings to show me properties that fit my needs. Mick is a highly effective communicator and quickly responded to all my question/emails/calls. He was also highly knowledgeable, preparing through comp lists before bidding on units which helped us to stay rational in a market that was highly competitive. Due to the competitive nature of the market/locations we were bidding in, we lost out on a number of early units to all cash offers. However, Mick and his team were able to come up with creative solutions to make our following bids more competitive and I ultimately ended up with a great apartment in a fantastic location. I will be using Mick for my future real estate needs.

- Sean B. 7/25/17,   July 26, 2017
This review is for Mick DiStasio. I've now worked with Mick on two separate occasions - once when I was moving from London back to NYC and another time when he came to my rescue by helping me break a lease as I was taking on a new job in a different city. I can't recommend Mick enough. He is smart, knowledgeable, thoughtful about his client's needs, does great research within the given parameters, does a great job communicating with his clients and really goes above and beyond the call of duty. Mick's sunny personality, patience and creative approach to problem solving make him a true pleasure to be around. #SuperAgent

- Jane 6/8/17,   June 08, 2017
Mick DiStasio was a great help in finding an apartment in NYC just within 2 days and making the move possible in under a week! We received a great choice of different apartments in different areas and had the time to make our mind up what we would prefer incl. the flexibility to adjust our criteria for apartments on the go. Thanks so much Mick, was a great experience!

- T.K. 4/11/17,   April 18, 2017
We have nothing but fabulous things to say about Mick! Having previously used Ben to find my prior apartment, he immediately referred me (now plus fiancé) to Mick. With less than three days to prepare, Mick arrived with a list of 12-17 apartments, all within our ideal neighborhood and meeting our specifications. By the end of the day, we had submitted our application for the apartment we live in now! We couldn''t be happier with the service Mick provided and would not hesitate to recommend the Anchor team in the future. No doubt, when we move again, we know who to call! Thank you Mick, Ben and team!

- Amanda M. 1/29/17,   January 30, 2017
I recently had the pleasure of working with Mick DiStasio. He is absolutely amazing. He went out of his way to accommodate me more than once and is extremely reliable. Even though I had a tiny time frame, he helped me find a beautiful apartment. Not to mention he''s extremely personable and hard working! Thank you so much Mick, I don''t know what I would have done without your help!

- Mackenzie M. 8/8/16,   August 09, 2016
We worked with an Anchor agent to find our current apartment a few years ago and had a great experience. He''s not there anymore, so we decided to pick someone else from the website this time around. We ended up working with Mick DiStasio and he was fantastic! He really took the time to get to know us and what we wanted. We didn''t look at any apartments that didn''t check off the majority of our boxes. Although we spent the majority of two afternoons searching, it felt efficient, but at the same time, not rushed. Once we had seen all of our options, Mick sat down with us for a drink to talk about which place would be best for us. He had our best interests at heart and wasn''t just worried about the bottom line, and that meant a lot. Bonus: Mick''s "wingspan" is the width of a queen bed, which can be very helpful when trying to get a grasp on a space!

- Samantha T. 7/28/16,   August 08, 2016
I worked with Mick and he was absolutely great! He was extremely helpful throughout the entire process and made my experience very pleasant and easy, which I hear is not typical when looking for apartments in New York City. Overall, Mick was dedicated to finding me exactly what I wanted. I would definitely recommend him to anyone wanting to use a real estate agent!

- Chandler B. 7/25/16,   July 26, 2016
Mick DiStasio was tremendous in helping my wife and I find an apartment when relocating to New York. He was able to help us secure a unit that was within our price range and fit our list of requirements. I would highly recommend Mick to any future clients!

- Kevin H. 7/24/16,   July 25, 2016
My partner and I had the pleasure of working with Mick Distasio. Mick went above and beyond to help us find that perfect apartment in a rather limited time frame. He was very upfront, efficient, and willing to go that extra mile to make sure we got what we needed. If you''re ever in need of a hardworking, and personable broker I highly recommend Mick as he made the apartment hunting process in NYC seamless!

- Liam F. 6/23/16,   June 24, 2016
I had a great experience working with Mick DiStasio - he was very friendly and helpful with my apartment search and showed me a lot of nice places. He was patient with my long "wish list" and did his best to find options that would work. He''s really responsive as well, always keeping me in the loop about new listings and answering my questions. Unfortunately I haven''t found the right apartment yet and may put the search on hold for a while, but I would definitely work with Mick again in the future.

- Emily D. 4/18/16,   April 19, 2016
Worked with Mick Distasio - he helped me find a great rental property - very responsive and helpful in facilitating my search. Highly recommended.

- Victoria G. 4/11/16,   April 11, 2016
I worked with Mick DiStasio during a recent apartment hunt. Although I didn''t end up finding my apartment through Mick I would recommend him as a broker. He was helpful, courteous, and didn''t waste my time dragging me to places outside my price range or desired location

- Ryan S. 3/24/16,   March 24, 2016
Mick was such a huge help when it came to finding an apartment that suited our needs. He called to ensure he knew exactly what we were looking for and was extremely accommodating and flexible when it came to scheduling viewing times. Unlike other agents we had dealt with, we felt that Mick was genuinely there to help us, we never felt pushed around or pressured and truly felt he had our best interests at heart. I would definitely recommend him in assisting with your apartment hunt!

- Hannah C. 2/20/16,   February 22, 2016
My husband and I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Mick. He is by far one of the best (and nicest!) brokers out there (and believe us, we have moved A LOT and had numerous experience working with various brokers in the city). We cannot say enough positive and wonderful things about Mick. He is truly a professional - kind, courteous, helpful, and not to mention extremely patient. He went above and beyond to help us find an apartment. We appreciated his willingness to go out of his way to send us new and updated listings, schedule viewings that accommodated our crazy schedules, follow up and take the time to really listen to what we were looking for throughout the process. Some brokers are just not as in-tune to what their clients want in terms of specific criteria in an apt. Mick, on the otherhand, just got it. He understood, was very supportive and helped us from beginning to end. THANK YOU MICK for all of your time, energy and effort in assisting us and turning what could have potentially been extraordinarily stressful and exhausting into a fun and positive experience! Keep up the fabulous work!

- Jennifer M. 2/11/16,   February 11, 2016
We worked with Mick this past week from Anchor Associates to find our new apartment. I can''t say enough about how helpful he was and how smooth the process was. We started off with several other brokers which was confusing, overwhelming, and we felt we didn''t know how to make our wants come across for the apartment search. I read reviews about Anchor Associates and decided to call them. My husband and I were impressed at how Mick really listened to what we were looking for, followed through on our wishes, and was upfront and honest with us. He compiled a list of apartments for us to see in one day, knowing time was tight for us, and each apartment fit what we had asked for. We found our apartment in one day of searching and applied right away. He helped through the entire application process, was quick in his responses to us, and kept us informed throughout the process. We were approved and signed the lease within one day. I am so thankful we found this group- it was such a good experience. Having moved around the city several times, I was dreading the process of looking for an apartment, and Mick really changed that for us. Highly recommend them and will use in the future!

- Kait L. 1/20/16,   January 21, 2016
Mick Distasio helped us locate an apartment in NYC for our daughter to lease while attending college. He was very professional and well educated about both the local market and the requirements we had. He listened carefully and found us several properties that were perfectly suited to our needs and budget. He was willing to view one property multiple times and we were able to quickly secure the exact unit we desired thanks to his expertise. I would highly recommend Mick to anyone seeking assistance in the NYC area.

- Stacy M. 12/1/15,   December 01, 2015
Definitely work with Mick. He takes the time to find out what exactly you''re looking for, caters your viewings to the best of his ability, and is super flexible/responsive throughout the process. You also don''t leave the viewings feeling pushed around - a rarity in NYC real estate. In terms of Anchor, be prepared for an introductory call - they want to chat with you directly about your needs rather than over email.

- Andrea O. 11/25/15,   December 01, 2015
Mick was awesome in finding me my first NYC rental! He found the best units that met my budget and answered all of the ridiculous questions from an ignorant prospective tenant. I couldn''t be happier with my place. Thank you!

- Andrew S. 10/30/15,   November 02, 2015
I would highly recommend Mick DiStasio for his professionalism. He was a pleasure to work with and fully understood my requirements. What set him apart from other brokers was the fact that he never pressured me into choosing an apartment. He always told me to take my time and was more than willing to show me apartments at times that suited me. On top of that he''s a really nice guy!

- Ajay L. 10/27/15,   October 27, 2015

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