Agent Testimonials for Zack Haluszczak

Finding your first NYC apartment as a student is no easy task, but Zack Haluszczak made the experience as smooth and painless as it could possibly be. After being in contact with many brokers and visiting several apartments, I wasn’t satisfied, and started to feel discouraged. Then, I was lucky enough to find a listing posted by Zack on RentHop, which turned out to be the perfect studio apartment. The apartment is everything I could have wanted and more. Zack is incredibly knowledgable, dedicated, and quick-thinking. Without his expertise, I probably would not have landed the apartment. Because this apartment was so desirable, we had to act fast. Zack spent many hours with me and my mother looking at the apartment, filling out paperwork, and addressing all of our questions and concerns. Zack guided me through every step of the way; he even took the subway with me to his office so I could get an early start on my paperwork. Zack answered texts and emails instantaneously, and shared with me all the relevant information I needed to know (he impressively knew measurements of a full size bed by memory). Zach is professional, friendly, and truly cares about his clients—he offered my mother and I a bottle of wine to celebrate after we got the apartment. Zack goes above and beyond the call of duty for a realtor and I can’t recommend him enough. Go do yourself a favor and work with him.

- Jessica B. on Naked Apartments,   March 12, 2018
Zack Haluszczak was a fantastic help in my NYC moving and renting process. My roommate and I are students and we were looking for an apartment in Manhattan and hoping to find one, lease it, and move in as soon as possible. This was both of our first times in the New York rental market and even before we arrived Zack provided us with so much information and guidance so that we felt prepared when it came time for the apartment hunt. Throughout the entire apartment hunting process, Zack was readily available, clearly very knowledgeable and well informed, supremely helpful, and overall wonderful. While we had initially intended to complete our search and choose a unit within one day, Zack was happy to continue to help so that over the course of three days we viewed more than 12 apartments together. Zack showed us places that satisfied our criteria in terms of budget, neighborhood, space, etc. and provided us with a great variety of options. In the end, Zack proved to be an invaluable help and we could not have done this without him! I would certainly recommend him to anyone and everyone looking to rent in NYC!

- Miranda on Naked Apartments,   March 12, 2018
Zack Haluszczak was an invaluable resource during my move from DC to NYC. Prior to viewing apartments, Zack helped me narrow down NYC neighborhoods and apartment types within my requested criteria. We saw 10-15 apartment buildings during the on-site visit and Zack set clear expectations for what different price ranges and neighborhoods would provide. As the day went on, Zack used his experience and extensive research to narrow down listings that suited my needs. Zack was always open and did not pressure me at any point to make a final decision. Even after I decided on an apartment, Zack continued to help me finalize the leasing details with the apartment company. I wound up with a great apartment/deal due to Zack''s hard work. I would highly recommend Zack in the future!

- Tim on Naked Apartments,   March 12, 2018
We had a great experience working with Zack. He took all of our criteria into consideration when showing us apartments. He is always helpful and can answer any questions you may have. I would definitely recommend him for anyone looking to rent in NYC.

- Charles on Naked Apartments,   March 12, 2018
Zack made our NYC renting experience a breeze! He was up front about the paperwork we needed, showed us a variety of apartments, and stayed on the management company even when things got complicated. Very professional and incredibly easy to work with. I would recommend Zack to any friend looking for an apartment!

- Cate H. On Yelp!,   March 24, 2017
Zack was not only extremely quick to respond to my inquiry, but he managed to compile a great selection of apartments within my budget and wishlist. Would definitely love to work with him again in the future, and can''t recommend him enough!

- Grace J. on Naked Apartments!,   March 21, 2017
I had a great experience working with Zack. As a foreigner moving to the city and needing to find an apartment asap, Zack quickly got an understanding of what I was looking for and didn''t waste time, only taking me to view quality places where he knew my international status wouldn''t cause any issues. He was very patient and didn''t pressurize my decision, and was extremely supportive and accommodating during the whole process, in particular helping me with the approval process and paperwork to ensure we got the deal closed as quickly as possible. Overall I''d highly recommend Zack; he''s proactive, efficient, and a very competent and trustworthy broker who clearly worked hard to get the best outcome for me.

- Rachel K. On Naked Apartments!,   December 05, 2016
Zack was fantastic to work with from start to finish. He was professional and showed us a diverse bunch of apartments that aligned perfectly with what we were looking for. Zack showed us around 6 apartments, and each one was better than any apartment we had seen with another broker. Zack works to help you find the absolute best apartment within your price range and is great about following up from start to finish. He makes the entire process seamless, organized, and rewarding in the end! We love our new apartment and will be referring him to friends!

- Emily G. on Naked Apartments!,   September 06, 2016
I worked with Zack Haluszczak on a lease reassignment. Zack made this entire process stress free and took care of advertising the apt and showing it to possible tenants. I was able to get out of my 24 month lease quickly without paying the hefty fee originally requested by the landlord. I would recommend Zack to anyone looking to rent or deal with a lease reassignment. He is kind, courteous and easy to be around... and punctual!!!

- Rachel A. on Yelp!,   March 22, 2016
Zack was absolutely phenomenal! He was incredibly knowledgable about not only the neighborhoods he showed, but also, the individual buildings themselves. His patience with me as a first time NYC real estate shopper was greatly appreciated. I never felt rushed into making a decision and he went above and beyond to make sure that I was comforable with my choice and the whole process. Thanks, Zack!

- Amanda W. On Naked Apartments,   March 04, 2016
Worked with Zack H. and the experience was excellent! No pressure, genuinely was concerned about my interest and had a great experience working with him.

- Stephen B. on Yelp!,   December 08, 2015
Zack is definitely the most reliable, wise and honest broker we've ever worked with, a true real estate baron and a wonderful, easy-going person. Zack knows everything about Manhattan and its neighborhoods. He was very attentive to our needs and by far exceeded our expectations. With Zack's help just in two days we've managed to find an ideal apartment for our young family and the next day we moved in there. Zack supported us throughout the whole cycle starting from the neighborhood choice to the assistance with paperwork and apartment management approval process. I will definitely recommend anyone who is looking for an apartment not to waste their time trying to find an apartment themselves or working with rude and unreliable brokers. Zack is great! Feel free to get in touch with me by email ( and I'll tell you more. Konstantin T.

- Konstantin T. on Yelp!,   November 17, 2015
This guy is the real deal. I can''t sing his praises enough. I moved to NYC and looked at almost 20 apartments with various brokers. I responded to Zack''s listing, he called me that day, met me and has everything taken care of to view some places. Instead of wasting my time, he asked me what I wanted, cancelled those that didn''t work for me and told me I''ve got the one. Then we saw it, it was the absolute best deal on the market (unheard of Manhattan studio with prime location, quality and price). As if that wasn''t enough, he got me an even better deal and did whatever it took to get the approval and help me figure out a way to close the deal. Leased was signed within 24 hours. Trust me, this guy has what it takes. Don''t even waste your time with anybody else. Zack gets it done everytime and more importantly, you can trust him. He''s available. He follows up even after the close. Everything a broker should be and worth every penny. Call him right now.

- Chris S. On Naked Apartments,   July 17, 2015
My roommate and I worked with Zack Haluszczak this year and we were very happy with our apartment search results. Zack took extra time and effort to fully understand the apartment needs and budget we were looking for, only showing us locations we could actually afford, without any hidden fees or deceptive prices. He also prepared tours of several available apartments for us to view together, and had arranged keys and viewing availabilities beforehand. Zack was also very helpful when it came down to meeting with the landlords and submitting all necessary paperwork. The extra effort and level of professionalism did not go unnoticed!

- Stephen G. on Yelp!,   July 06, 2015
I had a great experience with Zack from Anchor! He was really helpful and attentive throughout the entire process. He was always reachable and lined up so many places for me to see it made the process really great. Would definitely recommend them to anyone!!

- Alyssa F. On Yelp!,   June 24, 2015
Zack did a great job showing my husband and I apartments in New York City. He was very compliant with our budget and requirements. He even showed us apartments under our budget, which i have never experienced, ever, with a broker in NYC. He was very easy to work with, and overall a genuinely, nice guy. The apartments he showed us were great as far as city apartments go, the only reason we did not go with one of his was because we found an apartment at the last minute in Brooklyn which was by some close friends and Zack does not specialize in Brooklyn. I would, without any doubt, use Zack again if we were looking to move back into Manhattan.

- Rachel K. On Naked Apartments!,   January 27, 2015
From the beginning Zack was very responsive to all emails and text. After meeting with him the first time, I really felt comfortable with him and I felt that he knew EXACTLY what my boyfriend and I were looking for. He never pushed me into looking at places that were outside of my budget or location. He took a day showing my boyfriend and I all over the UES, showing us ton of one bedrooms and the area. After just a few outings we ended up finding a place in a great location, it was a very quick and easy application process with Zack, he was easy to get a hold of to answer any questions we had. VERY organized and knowledgeable about the area. I would strongly recommend him!

- Lauren D. On Yelp!,   January 21, 2015
Zack was very helpful in finding a great apartment in the East Village. He was able to show me the most places, was quick to respond and had the best inventory. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a new apartment!

- Evan T. On NakedApartments,   November 13, 2014
Zach is great, he responds very rapidly to inquiries and helps give you a fair amount of options to go see in the areas that you are interested in. He follows the price ranges at a reasonable rate, allowing for a wide variety of apartments to view. He is very friendly and helpful. I recommend using him as he does help guide you through the process, and gives helpful advice along the way.

- Jessica W. On Naked Apartments,   August 14, 2014
After hearing the horror stories about dishonest and scheming brokers I was a little scared of using one in my apartment search. I gave Zack Haluszczak a chance based on a friend's recommendation and I couldn't be happier with my decision. Zack may just be the most genuine and friendly broker in New York. He was more than willing to put in the time and effort necessary to find me the perfect place for my needs and never pushed anything I wasn't quite sure about. He is very accessible and responds quickly to any form of communication. I would strongly recommend him to anybody looking to find a new place to live in NYC - you will not regret it!

- Patrick K. On Yelp!,   July 28, 2014
In New York, the perfect home can feel frustratingly out of reach. You encounter a lot of brokers here, many of whom seem to be going through the motions just to secure a commission. It's a relief to meet someone like Zack Haluszczak of Anchor Associates who genuinely wants to find you a home, who understands the stress you've been going through, and who does research to find options that could make you happy. He is available when you need him, takes his job seriously, and is a pleasure to work with. He has solid knowledge of the downtown area and learns about available apartments and building specifics so that he's ready to answer your questions. I strongly recommend Zack for anyone seeking a broker who cares.

- Mai M. on Yelp!,   March 27, 2014
I was impressed by Zack's professionalism and his proactive attitude in helping me with my search. I was new to the NYC rental market and Zack shared his expert knowledge, guiding me through the different factors to consider when approaching the the search. I would highly recommend Zack to anyone looking for their next home in the city.

- Alexandra T. On Naked Apartments,   March 12, 2014
Zack Haluszczak responded to my request extremely quickly. He was thoughtful in compiling a list of properties to show me and after not seeing something I wanted the first day, he followed up promptly and came up with a list of properties that better suited my needs based on the feedback I gave him during the first day. He''s an extremely pleasant person to be around and demonstrated great patience and understanding with my decision making process. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to for an apartment in NYC.

- Kar K. On Yelp!,   January 24, 2014
I''d highly recommend Zack Haluszczak to help you find the right manhattan apartment. As with most apt seekers in nyc, time is of the essence. Zack was punctual and professional throughout the process and was able to find just the right apartment within the price range I specified. Personal and non-pressuring, characteristics seldom found in brokers in the city! I''d absolutely recommend Zack to friends.

- Michael G. On Yelp!,   December 17, 2013
Zack Haluszczak was very helpful throughout the process. He showed me good listings related to what I was looking for and wasn''t pushy. I ended up renting an apartment he showed me and he negotiated a better fee for me. I would recommend him to anyone looking to rent an apartment.

- Moises E. On Yelp!,   December 16, 2013
My roommates and I worked with Zack Haluszczak-- he was AMAZING. Without even knowing our wish list he took us to apartments that met all our needs. He doesn''t waste your time trying to convince you to look at something you won''t like. DEFINITELY RECOMMEND

- Kait H. On Naked Apartments,   December 11, 2013
Zachary Haluszczak was extremely helpful. He is proactive, thorough and friendly. Zack is very attentive and did an amazing job showing us many apartments that were perfect for our group. He is knowledgeable and honest which is rare in this industry. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a place in NYC!

- Christa P. On Naked Apartments,   December 11, 2013
I worked with Zack and I could not possibly be happier with the experience. Zack was prompt, friendly, and utterly professional. Anything he could do to make my experience faster or easier he did it. I started looking for an apartment on Tuesday afternoon, we found one that day, and I was moving in as of Friday. I would definitely recommend Zack to anyone I knew who was looking for a new place in New York!

- David C. On Yelp!,   October 19, 2013

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