Agent Testimonials for Amy (Ya) Wang

Amy Wang is a great agent who helped my uncle from China get his dream apartment. During the entire process, not only was Amy knowledgeable about the area and the overall real estate market in the New York city, but also was patient and diligent. Without Amy, my uncle would not be able to get this unit that he is so much in love with. Thank you, Amy.

- Phillip S.,   December 11, 2016
Amy is my property manager now after her great work finding me my first property in Manhattan. Although I knew this neighborhood a little bit but Amy still wowed me with her knowledge of the important background information when showing each apartment. I really enjoyed working with Amy and trusted her professional opinion and suggestions. She is the kind of trustworthy and professional real estate agent/broker that a home buyer really needed. Strongly recommended! ---HP, on Zillow

  December 03, 2016
I am here to recommend Amy to other home buyers. Amy found me an off market apt in the building i liked. She really understood what I want and reached out to get it for me. I really appreciate her ''Can Do'' attitude. I wont talk much about her expertise in midtown area and other part of Manhattan. I found her through zillow and I am so happy that I found the right one. --R J, on Zillow

- R J,   December 03, 2016
My working with Amy Wang from Anchor was a very pleasant experience. Finding an apartment in the city is kind of headache. Amy listened to all my requirements, narrowed it down and showed my all matching apartment quickly. I was impressed by her professional attitude and knowledge. I liked the whole easy process under her help - I would highly recommend Amy when you looking for an apartment in NYC. ----Ying, on Yelp

- Ying L.,   December 03, 2016
I usually don't write Yelp reviews but I felt compelled to write one about Amy Wang. What I appreciated most about working with Amy was her strong sense of integrity and instinctual feel for the real estate market. Amy was very professional and patient in explaining the complicated process of home buying. That was definitely helpful and made the process as smooth as it could. I know who I will turn too next time for my real estate needs, and that is Amy Wang. ----Albert, on Yelp

- Albert W.,   December 03, 2016
Amy Wang helped me find my dream apartment. She has a deep knowledge about the real estate market and knows the buildings in Manhattan very well. She was very professional and personal at the same time. She made understanding the paperwork and real estate jargon so easy, which was a great help especially for a first time home buyer like me. I always felt she was very focused on getting me an apartment I truly like and genuinely cared about my interests. She made the whole buying process so much less stressful. I feel so lucky to have worked with Amy! ---

- Sara W.,   August 24, 2016
Amy Wang from anchor associate helped me purchasing my first home (apartment) in NYC. As a first time buyer, I don''t know much about buying a property in the city. Amy spent time explaining a whole lot details to me, which saved me plenty of time upfront. Amy is really reliable and always there to help. She spent lots of time communicating with mortgage bank and the seller side to smooth the whole process. When really needed, she even helped with my IKEA delivery since we are now neighbors and I was trapped at work. I found Amy very experienced and resourceful; meanwhile, she really knows what she is doing. She is also bilingual: native Chinese and fluent English. If you are thinking about buying or renting an apartment, you should really talk to her.

- Sharon S,   August 08, 2016
I had a great experience with Amy Wang when purchasing my first home in NYC. Amy clearly has profound knowledge about the real estate market and a lot of experience with foreign buyers. We did our research before coming to the city and Amy provided us her insightful knowledge of local market. Amy communicated with us frequently in the whole process and we felt very comfortable and totally agreed with her opinions, suggestions and strategies. We saw Amy''s effort and really appreciated it. I want to recommend Amy to all home buyers here. -- yelp review

- Li J.,   April 07, 2016
I worked with Amy Wang, she is very responsible, friendly, helpful, informative. She is one the best brokers out there. Amy is very attentive to all my questions and concerns, explained various aspects such as locations, pricing, policy etc, with her support and knowledge, she made my apartment search easy and fun. I am so grateful. I highly recommend Amy Wang.---Yelp Review

- Elizabeth W,   April 07, 2016
I am here to recommend Amy Wang from Anchor Associates. She found me a rental apartment in Manhattan one year ago and helped me purchasing my first apartment midtown east recently. Amy was very professional, efficient and friendly broker. She helped with my rental, purchasing and interior design. She is really a resourceful and one of the best broker I ever met. I have been recommending Amy to all my friends who need an apartment. ---Yelp

- Ying H.,   March 07, 2016
I visited some properties with Amy. I have plan to purchase my first home in Manhattan later this year but would like to have a rough idea about the market and available units. Amy and her team was very knowledgeble and efficient. I just wanna thank them for the good work done. ---Y Yang, 1/12/2016

  February 02, 2016
Amy Wang is my property manager now. She helped my family with property purchasing and managing. I had no confusion or troubles at all during the whole process. Amy has been a very reliable real estate broker and manager. Everything was arranged and handled on time and perfectly. I would like to recommend Amy and be a referee for her. Thanks 11/27/2015

  February 02, 2016
Amy Wang has been working with my family for months. And we finally found the best possible choice under our budget. In the past months, Amy was working efficiently and smartly. She found us an off market deal and we closed the deal quickly. I do appreciate Amy''s continue effort watching out for us. She never give up and has a can do attitude for her work. I am impressed with her work and recommending her here to anyone who is looking for an apartment or house in NY. -- 10/29/2015

  February 02, 2016
Amy has been my broker for years, first renting an apartment, then buying properties and managing them. Amy is such a responsible and reliable agent who is always willing to go beyond to help me with all kinds of issues. Her expertise and knowledge in many fields really makes a difference. I strongly recommend Amy and her team to anyone who is new or native to New York Market! Maria Z.

  September 08, 2015
我对艾米的工作非常满意。愿意为你推荐艾米和她的团队。我们需要年底买房,艾米带我们浏览了曼哈顿的现有房产。艾米的地产经验丰富,服务周到。对艾米有更多了解后,我们目前在纽约的所有租房和室内装饰都交给了艾米管理。我们女儿对艾米布置的现代风格的出租房非常满意。如果需要,我愿意做艾米的推荐人。 王

- Mr. Wang,   August 30, 2015
Our experience with Amy Wang was excellent. She was helpful in all phases of the purchase, and in suggesting other people who could help with various tasks. We got better mortgage rate and a very responsible attorney through Amy. Amy was very detail oriented and careful when preparing all docs for the coop board. I recommend her in the highest possible terms.

- -- Mr. Zhong, Zillow June, 2015,   June 04, 2015
Amy was my broker to rent out my 2bd. She could evaluate the market value quickly and get the matching renters. I have been working with Amy for years. I always appreciate her efficiency and knowledge in real estate business.

- C.Y.,   April 06, 2015
I found Amy through one of her listings online. After talking with Amy, I decided on a two year lease of a 1bd instead of a furnished short-term rental based on my situation and money saving purpose. Amy was very responsive, extremely professional and has profound knowledge about Manhattan''s real estate market. I could feel that she was working for my best-interests. I would absolutely recommend Amy to anyone, you''ll be in good hands!

- Kattie,   March 10, 2015
Amy was a great pleasure to work with. I relocated from CA recently. Amy''s knowledge about Manhattan''s rental market saved me lots of time and energy when finding the perfect neighborhood and apartment. I want to show my appreciation here and strongly recommend her to others who is in need.

- Denise Chen,   October 10, 2014
Amy was/is a very responsible and efficient agent. She showed us all the available 2bd on the market in one day upper-east hood. We found the perfect layout and location in one day. I do appreciate the effort that she put in to saved our time and energy. Excellent job done Amy. Thanks, Ben ---Trulia, Sep, 08th, 2014

  September 08, 2014
We found Amy online from China. Amy has been working with us for several months and provided us lots of useful information. Our offer was accepted and we are very happy with the smooth process. Highly recommend to those who are looking for renting and buying of apartments in NYC! Cherie 8/15/2014

  August 15, 2014
Amy was very impressive in renting out my apartment in two weeks when the painting was still wet. Amy and her team was efficient, responsible and very friendly. I do saw the great team work and appreciate their effort and help. Strongly recommended! T.Grace, July 17th, 2014

  July 19, 2014
I worked with Amy before and a trust was built up between us. She just sold my apartment with a satisfying price. Amy is a trustworthy, efficient and warm-hearted realtor. I have been consulting Amy for many aspects in the real life and she was always willing to help. I could not recommend Amy more to anybody who is selling, buying and renting apartment in the city. Amy is a successful professional! --Trulia, Jun. 27th, 2014

- Jeff C.,   June 27, 2014
Amy made my first home purchasing much easier. I am very happy with my first home and would like to recommend Amy to other home buyers. The apartment viewing process took a while before I found the current one. Amy showed professional knowledge and lots of patience. She negotiated the price and prepared the board package in several days and got it approved quickly. I would credit her efficiency for the successful purchasing, which is crucial in the competitive market. J.L

  May 16, 2014
Signed contract today to purchase a 1bd with Amy. Amy was a great help when finding the matching apartment and get the deal closed. Would definitely send friends to Amy in the future. Thanks, K.W

- K.W,   April 24, 2014
I rented 1bd with central park view through Amy Wang. She found me the perfect apartment quickly. I really appreciated her efficiency and professional attitude. I would definitely recommend her to my friends. Dina T. --

  March 25, 2014
Amy helped me and my wife renting a 3bd upperwest side. Amy was very knowledgable and responsible. She arranged all details on a timely manner. We would strongly recommend Amy to anyone who is looking for an apartment in the busy city.

- Chris T.,   March 22, 2014
Amy Wang was a fantastic help in finding and negotiating the apartment that i bought last week. Since Oct 2013, she has been working with me to find a good investment property. After some trying, we closed the transaction recently. Amy was representing my benefit when I was not NY and I have no doubt that she negotiated the best possible price for me. I recommended Amy and Anchor Associates to friends of mine. I look forward to working with Amy in the future and know that she and her team will help me find good investment opportunities. --Zillow

- Q.Chang,   March 09, 2014
Amy rented out my 2bd apartment that I just purchased with her help. She was such a responsible and efficient agent. Frankly, I was surprised when I heard that she rented out my apartment after two weeks. I was hesitating when assigning her the exclusive right to rent, cause I thought it would be hard to rent out in this freezing weather. But in two weeks, she did it already! Through the whole process, Amy kept me updated and discussed with me about different renting strategies. She is a smart lady and very reliable. I would strongly recommend her to anyone who need to buy or rent an apartment. --, Jan 29th, 2014. CongY

  January 29, 2014
We closed the transaction yesterday with Amy. Amy is my favorate realtor and my property manager now. Amy showed us apartments in different area and price range for our investment purpose. Her professional knowledge and negotiation skill helped us locking the apartment at an ideal price. Amy alway took her time when working with us. I really appreciated her time and all her effort. She set up the trust between us and I asked her to be my property manager. Strongly recommend Amy as your realtor. --, Jan 4th, 2014

- Y.C,   January 06, 2014

- Y. Song,   December 19, 2013
Amy just helped us renting a 4 bd upperwest side. It was hard to find a nice apartment during winter time around Columbia University. We fell in love with the first apartment that Amy showed us. We were the first one viewing the total renovated apartment. Everything was just out of shipping box. Amy accelerated the whole process for us to move in in one week since we were in a big hurry. We really appreciated all her effort and time. -- Dec. 16th, 2013.

- P. Zhang,   December 16, 2013
We are closing the deal soon with Amy. We were lucky to find the right agent. A friend of mine recommended Amy to us and it worked out so well. Amy was showing us around Upper East and Upper West side. We worked together pleasantly and smoothly with Amy''s professional knowledge, help and suggestions. We could not had a better experience. Amy was the media between us and all other parties. She even helped us out with home insurance purchasing. It was such a relief working with Amy, who knows every aspect of purchasing an apartment. I would strongly recommend Amy to anyone who are looking for an apartment in Manhattan. --Zillow, Nov. 14th, 2013

- Y. Wang,   November 19, 2013
Amy provided excellent service in handling my first home purchasing upperwest side Manhattan. She responsed to any questions I had quickly, always had a solution to the issues that came up. Uses technology to assist our viewing process and complete the transaction, made it very easy and convenient to get the paperwork done. From start to finish, she was extremely professional and efficient. Before closing my deal, I already recommended her to my friends who are international buyers as well. --Zillow, 10/24/2013

- N. Mu,   November 12, 2013
Highly recommended. Amy Wang knows what she's doing and is very patient -- the kind of agent you want on your side! She's very responsive to emails/phone/text and made me feel comfortable and answered all the questions I had about the home buying process. --Zillow, 10/02/2013

- Ph. Shen,   November 12, 2013
I would highly recommend Amy as a realtor. She helped us purchasing our first home in Manhattan. Her efficiency and knowledge attracted us at the beginning and her patient and detail-oriented working attitude assured us during the whole process. We got the whole package (one stop) help from her: Attorneys, Mortgage Consultants and even the Contractor we just hired. I found Amy a great help and resourceful in every aspects when buying and managing a property. A. Telaku -- Zillow, 09/14/2013 强烈推荐艾米作为您的房产经纪人。艾米帮助我们购买了第一套住宅。艾米的效率和房产知识,吸引了我们。她在整个购房过程中表现出的耐心和细心,让我们很放心。艾米提供了一站式服务:从律师,贷款顾问到我们的粉刷工都是艾米介绍的可靠公司。艾米在购房过程中给我们提供了很大的帮助和很多的资源。--zillow房地产网,09/14/2013?

  November 12, 2013
Amy was a great help to me with finding an apartment to rent within my budget and meeting my criteria. She is very knowledgeable on the neighborhoods and costs associated with each apartment/building complex we viewed. She was able to schedule multiple viewings in one day so that it would limit my travels into the city. I recommend her to anyone, whether you are searching for a long-term or short-term rental. She was very accommodating with her schedule and a pleasure to be in company with throughout the viewings and lease signing process. --Trulia, Sep, 22nd, 2013.

- Chris,   October 22, 2013
Amy helped me buying my first investment peoperty in NY city. Although it was a short notice. She made all appointments with Banks, Loan officers, Accountants and apartments for us in a timely manner. Amy was such an efficient and organized person. We found several good choices in 3 days and signed the final contract in one weeks. I will definitely get Amy''s help soon for the next investment purchasing. She is the one that we would like to continuelly work with.

- Ms. Zhang,   October 01, 2013
I am writing to express my pleasure working with Amy Wang, who represented me in my recent purchase of a uppereast side apartment. Amy guided me through the entire process, from loan prequalification to searching for apartments to making the offer and closing the deal. I credit Amy with a smooth, stress-free home-buying experience. This is my first purchase of property, and I had such a pleasurable experience. Amy is savvy, personable and knows the market inside and out. I never could have gotten my dream home without her.

- JK,   October 01, 2013
Amy was very helpful in finding a new home. She took the time to help me look at places very early on to help me understand what I can expect even though the places we were viewing were on the market too early for me to rent. I really appreciated that. When it came time for negotiations I felt I was treat fairly and was given the best rate possible. I would highly recommend Amy to anyone looking for a new apartment. Trulia, Sep 29, 2013

- Jason Win,   September 30, 2013
Amy found us a very nice 4bd around Columbia University. We are international students and were really in need of a good apartment in a safe and convenient area. Amy was very familiar with the area. She and our friend in NY found us the best 4bd within our budget. She is very professional and patient with our questions and inquiries. I highly recommend Amy if you need a real estate agent. --- July 14, 2013

- Jack Lee,   August 11, 2013
Amy was amazing. In just a couple of weeks, she helped us find a great apartment in the neighborhood we wanted. It met all of our most important criteria, and is exactly what we were looking for. Amy works diligently and efficiently, and really cares about her clients. Anyone looking for an apartment in Manhattan would be lucky to work with a broker like Amy. -- Trulia, Jun. 7th, 2013.

- Daryl,   June 08, 2013
Amy Wang was my agent and she helped me through the entire process. Highly recommended. --Yelp, May 23rd, 2013.

- Shang Chao Yuan,   May 23, 2013
Amy is a very professional and friendly agent who have recently found me an ideal apt in Manhattan. She's very informative and knowledgeable. In addition, she explained the term very thoroughly in order to avoid any kind of misunderstanding. --Trulia, April 18th, 2013.

- XinYuan Hu,   April 18, 2013

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